Dance film

For quite a while - until 2007 - NOEXIT Film produced a whole series of films related to dance, including two documentaries. 

For the dance films Frank N worked together and cooperated with some of Pina Bausch's dancers, Chun-Hsien Wu (alumni of the Cloud Gate Dance Theatre), and others. Some of the films has been broadcasted, other were presented on several film festivals.

Most of Frank N's dance films can be watched at Deutsches Tanzarchiv Köln (SK Stiftung Kultur).

I was looking for something

Animated dance film | 2007 | runtime 6:25 min.
  • Dance - In-Jung Jun
  • Voice - Nusara Mai-ngarm
  • Camera - Pana Costoglou
  • Director - Frank N
If you lose interest in your dreams you lose interest in everything. I was looking for something is an abstract film about trying. And about failing. A film about arriving and passing away ...

Meditation No. 501

Animated dance film | 2005 | runtime 3:06 min.
  • Dance - Geraldo Si
  • Idea & realisation - Frank N

Experimental dance film.

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